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PNP Group works with NDIS providers and occupational therapists to determine the scope of home modifications which includes assessing the safety requirements of the residence. This forms the initial step in the assessment process.

PNP was approached by a third party NDIS provider asking for a reassessment and opinion on a property modification in Sydney that needed funding from NDIS.


The property needed to be modified to better suit the needs of the client. Their bedroom space needed to be repurposed to provide better aid for the individual as well as the bathroom to assist the carer.

Principal considerations when assessing the home were:

  • The age of the client, currently fifteen, and living with their parents,
  • Their medical condition including their experience of violent seizures, and their severe intellectual disabilities.

In the bedroom, during the assessment, our team noted areas of damage on the walls and advised about damage of the windows. We found out that this was largely because the client is non-verbal and expresses emotions through physical gestures. Our team noticed a need to adopt a design and products that were accessible for all in the family, when finding home modification solutions. This design needed to be fit for purpose in managing emotional tendencies as well as take into consideration a lack of safety awareness. Tangible aspects such as a clean and modern appearance that suited the period of the property also needed to be considered.

The Solution 

PNP Group has extensive experience working within NDIS guidelines and selecting appropriate manufacturers, importers, and suppliers to complete home modifications.

Appropriate designs and products were selected that met the NDIS guidelines and suited the client and parent’s needs. Modifications were made to both the bathroom and bedroom, altering the layout for better accessibility.

Bathroom Modifications:

  • Widened the shower space with an internal cavity sliding door and implemented an open floor plan with no steps, which enabled a shower chair and room for a carer to assist.
  • To reduce the chance of injury, slip-resistant tiles and non-visual recessed tile water grates were installed.
  • New tapware was installed to enable easy use with temperature locks to prevent injury.
  • Furnishings were updated with high-quality stone used for floor furnishings and a blended design for the wall with matching timber vanities and cabinets installed to maintain a modern design.

Bedroom Modifications:

  • The window skirting was re-done, and the glass was replaced with 10mm safety toughened glass to lessen the risk of injury to the client who had previously suffered bruises and lacerations from broken glass.
  • Placed additional support structured behind her bed.
  • Replaced standard plasterboard with a premium quality H5 high impact plasterboard.
  • Insulated internal walls with wool to provide an acoustic property that acts as an additional support structure

Through our experience and resources, we were able to deliver a home modification that greatly assisted with everyday living and quality of life for the client and parents through:

  • Creating a safer environment for the client, enhancing support from both parents and carers whilst maintaining the same property quality and value.
  • Increasing accessibility for the client to complete daily tasks in a modern environment.

Excellent collaboration between all parties throughout the journey ensured PNP achieved a beneficial practical and visual outcome for our client, featuring a sleek, modern design that met all the disability requirements. After completing these modifications to be more inclusive of her behavioural attributes and physical needs, it was noticed that issues become stagnant as the ability for the client to injure themselves was decreased.

How PNP can help

PNP Group specialises in communicating with clients and their families to achieve the best solution that fits within NDIS guidelines. Contact our friendly team today to see how PNP Group can support your journey of home modifications and improve your living spaces.