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PNP Group provides a range of solutions, services and partnerships that can assist any business with planning, systems, growth, management, and tailored programs that save you time, and money that can increases personal and business efficiency, productivity, objectives and profits. Moreover, it can allow you to work more on the business than in the business.

Our International experienced mentors work alongside business owners, we provide various methods driving you towards success and creating, innovation and advancement by providing support for people and business.

We continuously work with many diverse industries and people around the world developing market opportunities, networks, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

PNP Group is based in Sydney Australia and Cologne Germany. Our consultants travel regularly to the Middle East, China, Japan, India, Europe and United Kingdom strengthening and developing partnerships.

Our partners work together to support each other in tenders or project obligations, objectives, goals and growth. In combining our skills and solutions, our partnerships provide a value proposition and total solutions service that gets us noticed!