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PNP unique tailored approach to address the specific conditions associated with building and constructions insurance and compliance. PNP offers customers the services they need to manage, investigate and evaluate projects and losses regardless any complexities involved. In addition to these services we offer below, we have developed professional contacts to assist as needed, no matter what the location or environment.

Photo of a couple going through financials problems

We understand about the stress and anxiety insurance claims present on yourself and immediate family members.

Prior to your insurance builder’s commitment and repairs taking place, our expert partners can evaluate any scope of work, reports, assessment and cash settlement to ensure you are receiving what your entitled to receive.

Moreover, our dedicated experts approach and understanding of local, National and International building codes, standards and practices ensure to get the highest of standards, work or settlement under your policy.

A photograph of a once lovely house wrecked by the tornado. Although some structures of the house are still intact, the garage area is completely destroyed. Almost all of the trees surrounding area, are also destroyed by the tornado.

The PNP Group experts and qualified auditors and building surveyors, investigators, engineers can assist you in identifying or finding a solution to problems in and around your home or commercial property. Whether it is general damage, defects or evaluation on the scope of works, contacting us for an assessment is the first step to help determine the right decision and which way to address the current problem or incident.

Building Inspector Looking At House Renovation Project

PNP Group with its qualified building inspectors will provide you a fixed fee assessment in order to identify the root cause and suggest how to proceed with any repair or negotiations and the next steps involved in rectifying these issues. Our reports will describe the problems and possible solutions in an easy step-by-step process.