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  1. Introduction
    1. The parties develop the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to document a working agreement.
    2. The Arrangement between; means (Your Company) and (PNP Group of Companies) PNP Australasia Pty Ltd, PNP Institute Pty Ltd, PNP International UG “PNP” (GROUP) is for an ongoing period.
  2. Objective
    This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sets out a framework for cooperation in areas of common interest where co-operation is essential for the effective and efficient performance of their respective regulation functions

    1. The parties share a commitment to construct a cooperative relationship;
    2. Agreed on people, timeframes, delivery and processes to demonstrate the application of the relationship;
    3. Agree on initiatives to progress and promote the MOU.
    4. Promote and believe in a Methodology, Objective, and Program for meeting outcomes.
  1. Responsibilities and Obligations
    The parties agree that they will:

    1. Act in a spirit of cooperation in dealing with the agreement, people and project which they service and give due consideration to the needs of each other.
    2. Provide and be professional and act at all times as a member of Group.
    3. Provide transparent, timely and detailed communications and information as required.
    4. Meet project task obligations, timelines and expectation of all parties.
  1. Regulatory Policy Development
      1. Each party will notify the other of any proposed changes, which are like to impact on the responsibilities of the other and provide the opportunity to consult with the relevant parties.
      2. Where the implementation of the parties is likely to impact on the responsibilities of the other, that party will notify the other party via email as indicted in the project planning phase.
  2. Further Development & Assistance
    1. Parties recognize the importance of co-operation to promote confidence and further development
    2. The Group agrees to provide the assistance required in relation to the development of the QMS, operational procedures, and Group products and services.
    3. Agree to provide the Group with assistance required in relation to your QMS, operational procedures, and products and/or services.
    4. Parties agree to cooperation in all regulation, compliance and enforcement, consistent with all relevant Group policies and requirements.
  1. Confidential Information
    1. As per Confidentiality Agreement
    2. Standard Fees Schedule applicable outside of scope of work and quotations. Day 7.6 + 1 Hours
    3. Accreditation Fees – (TBD)
    4. Trainers and Facilitators – AU$   95,00 p/h or AU$   800,00 p/day
    5. Executive Facilitators (Management Training) – AU$ 195,00 p/h or AU$ 1650,00 p/day
    6. Auditor – AU$   95,00 p/h or AU$   800,00 p/day
    7. Lead Auditor – AU$ 125,00 p/h or AU$  1050,00 p/day
    8. Executive Consultancy Fees (Management) – AU$ 150,00 p/h or AU$  00 p/day
    9. Travel or transit time + costs – AU$   95,00 p/h or AU$    00 p/day
    10. Expert Facilitator or Auditor – AU$ 150,00 p/h or AU$  00 p/day
  1. Payments
    1. PNP will invoice agreed amounts as per stages in this contract.
    2. Payments of invoiced amounts to be made by (Company) within 7 days into nominated banking account stated on PNP invoice.
  1. Duration and Termination
    1. Termination maybe given by either party with 21 days written notice, related to matters that have been raised and not resolved as per 3. Responsibilities and Obligations
  1. Dispute Resolution
    1. If a dispute arises in relation to this MOU, parties agree to endeavor in good faith to settle the dispute – As per the process.
  1. Agreement Authorization
    1. Entering the agreement, the client acknowledges that they have reviewed the document and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Agreement & Confidentiality

We recognize that the (Your Company) and (PNP Group of Companies) PNP Australasia Pty Ltd, PNP Institute Pty Ltd, PNP International.UG “PNP” (GROUP) has expended and will continue to expend time, money and effort in obtaining, retaining and developing it’s IP, systems and has invested considerably in its methods, trade secrets and business. The Group has an interest in maintaining and protecting the confidentiality of its information, and information designed for the Group shall remain its property.

We therefore agree (Company and PNP) covenant and undertake with and to the (Group) to be bound by the terms of this Confidentiality Agreement.

  1. In this document, the term ‘Confidentiality Information’ means all confidential information and trade secrets of the Group and:
    1. Any techniques, methods, programs, clients, software, materials, documents or manuals of the (Group) used in its business; and
    2. Any information relating to the business affairs, accounts, marketing plans, prospects, research, management or finances of the (Group) and any databases, data surveys, customer lists, specifications, equipment’s, records, reports, software, any source information obtained or paid for by the (Group) or other documents, material or other information whether in writing or otherwise concerning the group; and
    3. Any information whether in writing or otherwise relating to Clients or potential Clients of the (Group and any documents or material concerning Clients or potential Clients in respect of services of the (Group); and
    4. Any information whether in writing or otherwise relating to tenders or proposals made by the (Group) to its Clients or potential Clients in respect of services of the (Group). Including any copies, which are not generally available to the Public and to which access, or of which I become aware whether before, during or after my period of the agreement with the (Group)
  2. We acknowledge that we have no rights or interest in respect of the Confidential Information and that all of the Confidential Information is and will be the sole and exclusive property of the (Group).
  3. We covenant and undertake:
    1. To keep confidential all Confidential Information;
    2. Not to disclose any Confidential Information to any person, except:
      1. As required by law;
      2. With the prior written consent of the (Group)
      3. To the (Group) agents, employees or advisors in the proper performance of my responsibilities and duties to the (Group) whether under this Confidentiality Agreement or otherwise;
    3. To use my best endeavors at all times to prevent the use or disclosure of any Confidential Information to or by third parties; and
    4. To maintain proper and secure custody of all Confidential Information.
  4. We covenant not to use any Confidential Information other than connection with the Group on behalf of the Group.
  5. If the Confidential Information lawfully comes into the public domain other than items released as a result of breach of this Confidentiality Agreement then to the extent that the Confidential Information is public, and subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Confidentiality Agreement, and the Groups obligation to keep such information confidential ceases.
  6. In the event of uncertainty as to whether:
    1. Any information is Confidential Information; or
    2. Any Confidential Information is lawfully within the public domain, such information is deemed to be Confidential Information and such Confidential Information is deemed to be not within the public domain, unless I am advised by the (Group) in writing to the contrary.
  7. I shall immediately deliver all Confidential Information which is in physical form, including all copies of computer files (whether on magnetic media or otherwise) and tapes to the (Group)
    1. Upon the expiration of my employment with the (Group); or
    2. At any time on the request of the (Group).
  8. Our obligations in relation to the Confidential Information shall survive after We cease partnership or work with the (Group) and my obligations in relation to the Confidential Information shall be enforceable at any time at law or in equity and shall continue to the benefit of and be enforceable by the (Group).
  9. We shall not source and/or approach clients, business developments or disclose business interests by (Group) directly or indirectly within a period of 3 months from termination and/or relationship with the (Group) in writing.
  10. Any expenses/performance/loss of income caused by and/or members of the (Group) Directors Financial problems, which may be deemed as in breach of this agreement leading to termination, neither party has a claim over the other.
  11. In respect to a termination by PNP against the other party for breaches of such agreement, or the group an exit fee will be applicable in respect to works agreed. Fees of 25% on the said quotation for each scope of work. PNP can terminate the agreement with 21 days written notice.