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Having a designed accessible space is important for everyone. At PNP Group, we understand that quality home modifications provide support in a way that increases client relationships and autonomous independence. Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Aged Care, there is support for you so we can create designs and documentation that present more accessible living areas, tailored to each individual’s particular needs.

Designing these modifications provides a clearer understanding and visual functionality, allowing for faster approval and increased approval ratings that support client independence.

Where to start and how we tailor home modifications

The key factor to consider at the start of the process is the combination of experts, qualifications, documentation, and understanding of the standards.

To ensure the design complies with NDIS Product Catalogue Benchmarks, NDIS reasonable and necessary criteria, BCA and 1428 Standards, it is important to know that we understand your needs and the compliance requirements. That is why it is important to have a leading organisation undertake your building audits, designs and consultation through to the construction phase.

Tailoring the modifications on an individual basis is done by:

  1. asking questions about current lifestyle,
  2. assessing the current home structure,
  3. advising the different design possibilities,
  4. meeting criteria and client needs,
  5. understanding the desired functionality needs, and
  6. providing expert drawings, reports, and workmanship.

Things to consider when customising the designs requirements

By drawing up the technical design requirements it allows for better transparency.

Collaboration between PNP, NDIS/Aged Care providers, occupational therapists, and client, ensures that we provide the modification that works for the client needs.

Common alterations include the creation of level entries and ramps, or the redesign of kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms. To do this most effectively a home inspection is required, that ensures that building regulations and design standards are complied with.

Within the home audit and assessment, there is a range of criteria that allow the design of the modifications to be individually tailored, so the most efficient design is created.

These include:

  • Building drawings and reports,
  • Modification needs vs decrease home equity value,
  • Understanding client daily routines,
  • Clients physical and social components within the home environment, and
  • Personalised factors.

How to make the costs suit the budget

Each home building report and assessment is factored into budgeting and criteria needs, with proposed modification detailed with detailed cost estimates.

Through various schemes, partial and complete coverage of costs can be achieved for affected individuals. PNP can provide noninterest funding packages for additional works beyond a set criterion, and deemed necessary and reasonable, above the scope of works.

How to ensure quality construction of home modifications

When working within a home environment it is important to have licensed and reliable individuals who operate within the relevant framework. At PNP Group, our business is Quality Assurance, ISO Certification and Building and Construction Auditing. PNP Constructions, a division of our Group, understands and ensures quality is upheld with our design solutions that transform into our workmanship.

How can PNP help

PNP work specifically in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Aged Care where from working with your care provider to providing building modification the process is managed from start to finish.

“You are the first to actually listen to me” – Maria, South Australia

PNP specializes in communicating with the client and their family to achieve the best solution for them.

What separates us from the crowd is our commitment to providing our clients with the necessary resources, and experts while maintaining needs, standards and integrity and aspect of the property.

We understand the value of the modification, peoples home and providing the necessary modifications while maintaining the highest integrity and value of the work, service and property.

Contact our friendly expert team to help start your journey undertaking a home modification, and how the PNP Group can provide assistance within this process.