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PNP Group focuses on solutions that work for business and people.

We provide a custom and tailored approach with our auditing methods that suits your business. We have a strong business background, practical approach to certification standards, auditing, schedules, training and development.

With PNP, you will have our support throughout the process, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable process for each certification cycle.

Through our relationship with BSCIC Certifications – an internationally recognised, independent Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) – PNP provides support to its clients in Australia and internationally. BSCIC Management Systems Certifications – Dubai UAE – is accredited by the Australian & New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) Accreditation Body.

Our management systems certification follows a simple step-by-step process as detailed below.



STEP  Enquiry

Complete the Company Profile Questionnaire including selecting relevant management standards, the scope of certification, staff and operational sites. This information will give our certification team an overview of your business to work out a non-binding fee proposal or your Certification Audit Programme.

STEP 2 Fee Proposal, Certification Terms and Conditions

We will provide you with a fee proposal outlining your Certification Audit Programme, including mandatory audit days for the certificate cycle incl. cost and terms. You will need to accept the Fee Proposal, including our Certification Terms & Conditions and return the registration application prior to scheduling the audit.

STEP 3 GAP Analysis (optional)

To ensure you are ready for your certification, we recommend you complete a ISO 9001 Gap-Assessment and send it to our Auditor Consultants prior to the Stage 1 audit. If you feel you are ready, you should commence the next steps towards the registration process.

If you are unsure of readiness, you can book one of our audit consultants, and we conduct a gap analysis against the basic requirements of the standard(s) with you. This gives you comfort that your organisation is ready for certification – or identify any gaps. The gap analysis is optional at any time.

STEP 4 Pre-Registration Assessment (PRA) – or Stage 1 Audit

Once the registration application is accepted, it will trigger the Pre-Registration Assessment, which is layered in two stages.

The Stage 1 Assessment is a high-level review of the Management System, including a review of Site-Specific Requirements and usually takes up to 1 day depending on the size of the organisation.

Through the Stage 1 Assessment, our auditors will determine readiness for the Stage 2 Registration/ Certification Assessment and agree on an audit date with you.

A report of the initial Findings will be prepared, and if any major non-conformances are identified during the stage 1 assessment, these will need to be closed out prior to Stage Registration/ Certification Audit.

Our CAB BSCIC Certifications expects its clients to implement their Management System at least for four months prior to an on-site Registration/Certification Assessment which needs to be confirmed by our auditors at this stage.

STEP 5  Registration/ Certification Assessment (RA) – or Stage 2 Audit

The Stage 2 Assessment (Registration Assessment) is a comprehensive, in-depth audit of the organisation’s compliance against the relevant standard(s). It must be completed no later than six (6) months after the Stage 1 Assessment. A full report will be provided at the end of the audit detailing any areas of non-conformance.

  •  If there are any major non-conformances, the company is required to submit a corrective action plan to the assessor for acceptance. The non-conformities must be closed off within the agreed time frame, and any required objective evidence must be provided for verification.
  • If there are no major non-conformances, the assessor will recommend your organisation for certification.

An impartial BSCIC reviewer will conduct an independent Review of Recommendation for Certification Decision and if successful, the grant of the Registration/ Certification.

STEP 6 Certificate Issuance

You will receive your Certificate of Registration for your company issued by BSCIC Certifications – in form of an original hard-copy and a soft-copy – with a certificate number as registered on our chosen Accreditation Body website, the registered scope of certification and expiry date.

Certificates issued by BSCIC Certifications remain valid for a period of three years from the date of Registration Assessment subject to satisfactory conformance with the registration/ certification standards as verified during periodic surveillance visits.  A client or any interested party may check the validity of the certificates on the accreditation body website that you are registered with. For the duration of the certificate, you will be able to use the BSCIC Certification Logo in line with Terms and conditions.




Surveillance Audits (SA1 and SA2)

For the following two years, the PNP Auditor will be conducting annual Surveillance Assessment (SA) to verify the organisation’s ongoing implementation and maintenance of the management system.

Surveillance audits usually are of lesser audit scope and only focus on key areas.

  •  If non-conformances are found during a SA audit, these will have to be closed off in a specified time-frame in order to maintain the certificate. If they are not closed out in a satisfactory manner, the certificate may be cancelled.

The Audit Consultant will notify you three (3) months in advance for scheduling the audit, including the auditing scope. The audit must be completed prior to the certificate date.

Re-Certification Audits (REA)

Three years after the Initial Registration, we will be required to undertake a Re-Registration Audit. This will be a full comprehensive audit similar to the Stage 2 Registration Audit. The company will be assessed against all requirements of the standard(s).

The PNP Audit Consultant will notify you three (3) months in advance for scheduling the Re-Certification Assessment.

Changes of Operations, Expanding or Reducing the Certification Scope

At any time, as a certified client, you may request a change to the scope of certification. This can occur for many reasons, including a change in the activities of the organisation, an acquisition of another business, or the addition of new business locations.

Mandatory audit days are calculated based on the organisation’s operations including but not limited to scope, personnel numbers, shifts and locations. Therefore any major changes must be communicated and confirmed in writing prior to the scheduled audit days to ensure the audit programme continues to be is appropriate to the organisation and certification.

PNP, together with BSCIC will review the changes that you are applying for and then determine if those changes will have an impact on the certification costs, planned assessment frequency, assessment duration, or if any new assessment activities are required.


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