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Regulatory Rectifications and Response support, Ongoing compliance support, ISO 9001 certifications

PNP provides services to training organisations in the VET sector. We can assist you with your RTO management system, your application, ongoing compliance support and internal audits or rectifications if your RTO has been found non-compliant.

 ASQA Audits and regulatory actions & Rectifications

Undergoing a regulatory ASQA audit can be quite stressful for many RTOs. After the audit, ASQA will provide you with an audit report and outline any non-conformance found.

Depending on the type of non-conformance and risk it poses to your students ASQA will also issue you with Notice of Intent or Notice of decisions outlining further actions. You typically have 20 working days to provide a response and additional or amended evidence to demonstrate full compliance. If the response is sufficient to close off the non-compliance, your application may be rejected or ASQA may take regulatory action on your registration, including suspension or reducing your scope of registration.

Our consultants and legal team can provide immediate support and rectification services to RTOs that have been found non-compliant.

We prepare a comprehensive rectification response and the remedial action plan and support you and your team throughout the process.

Given the short period of time given by regulatory bodies such as ASQA, we understand the difficult times and stress you have in this process. If you wish we deal directly with the ASQA on your behalf.

We aim to close off your Non-conformance in the 1st time so that you don’t need to stress and take the next step of AAT.

Ongoing Support

As part of our service to you, we can assist you and your compliance team. We can work with you to review or upgrade your Quality Management System to ensure compliance and demonstrate continual improvement. We can support you with improving your performance and reduce risks.

Whether you wish a full in a depth compliance audit or periodic desktop audits, We can assist you with our services to suit your needs and ensure your RTO is on track and ready for the next ASQA audit.

ISO:9001 Certification for your RTO

Is your RTO ready to undertake the next step of fully certifying your system to ISO 9001:2015 standards?

Third-party certification by an independent accredited Certification Authority Body adds value and confidence to your regulatory body and clients in meeting compliance requirements. This not only demonstrates that you are committed to quality and compliance; it also means your RTO is audited every year so you stay on top of your compliance requirements.

Contact us, and we can take you through the process of full ISO certification with our international Partner and JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Body BSCIC Limited.


We have been recently audited by ASQA. Thinking we can just close off the non-conformances that have been raised, we have submitted a response ourselves and as the result ASQA suspended our training program. That’s were we found PNP. Having an auditing and training background and understanding the daily life challenges of running an RTO themselves they taught us about the compliance aspect in a simple way which enabled us to see it all through an different view. In a short period of time that we have been given by ASQA they developed a comprehensive rectification program and supported us through the re-consideration process with ASQA. And the result – ASQA has revoked its previous decisions and our operations are back to normal. We are so grateful that we had PNP by our side through this very stressful and emotional process.

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