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We provide a service solution for anybody needing help with insurance matters. These could be related with your policy, advice or experts relating to an Insurance Claim. This includes Claims preparation, handling and managing process with companies that could undertake major works.

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These works could include a total solution to individual Cleaning, Restorations, Mechanical Drying, Fire & Smoke Decontamination, Narcotic Clean ups, Construction / Reinstatement Works.

In short, outside of your Managing Agents and Brokers, we are truly the ONLY interested party in the claims preparation that’s on your side of the fence.

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Insurers appoint panel approved claims assessors and Builders, and Specialists to look after their interests and limit the levels of their liability and costs. We are interested exclusively in your interests, fit for purpose, like for like, current building codes and standards, applicable upgrades, temporary relocation, quality of life, loss of business activity, stock and income loss, and to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to under a single claim and under your current policy with applicable laws.

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We have an extremely experienced in-house team of experts, many of whom used to work for Insurers companies, financial brokers, and legal practices in the industry. They use their intimate knowledge of industry expertise and processes to ensure your needs are met and expedite your claim.


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Whether we are assisting with presenting the claim to insurers, builders, or engaging experts like Surveyors and Structural and Building Engineers with our internal auditors all on your side, we oversee, or help you assign the project scope of works which we can handle and manage within the entire process.

Our people will quantify your costs, material, stock and contents losses and our project teams will scope the damage. Moreover, we have internal and external accountants and Insurance advisers that inform you of your rights and loss.

All aspects of the claim are negotiated to ensure you receive your full entitlement and are returned to you pre-loss position in regards to impact or stress.

Depending on your Policy, Fees could be covered under claims preparation, however if that’s not the case, a small percentage of the settlement we obtain for you is agreed at the time of engagement. Our fees are generally covered under most policy, or we demonstrate they are adsorbed many times over by the increase in settlement or scope of works we get in the current claim or “ICR” or additional “ICW” cost of Repairs/Works.

The percentage is determined on the size and complexity of any claims circumstances at the time of contact.