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We provide guidance on food safety and of your obligations as a food business. We offer a range of professional services for your food business and could develop best practice and realistic solutions to develop your business into the market.

Our clients cover across various Food, Health, and Hospitality industries providing clients with a quality and food safety management program; with options of certification to HACCP and we can work with any vendor and international standards; and can assist with food technology on complex products for developing export arrangements.

Cookies factory

In today’s competitive environment, more and more companies are realizing that it is not cost effective to maintain in-house expertise in all functional areas.

They are finding that by utilizing outside consultants, and project teams as the need arises, they can both save money and tap into a wealth of experience and people that otherwise they simply could not afford to maintain themselves.

We understand business issues and that’s where we come in to provide you with solutions. Through us, you can have access to consultants that understand your needs, and all without the cost associated with large consulting firms or permanently adding employees to your business.

We will assign you a consultant or assemble a team of consultants that are perfectly matched to meet your objectives. Moreover, we try and work with our clients in developing partnerships and markets for additional revenue.