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PNP Group ensures training and assessment activities are designed and developed in response to your industry, contract and employee obligations obtained through engaging with all interested parties and stakeholders.

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We provide support in formal and informal training and design for businesses seeking people development and performance. Our P.D.C.A underpins our core principles of training methods and people engagement.

We offer various solutions and options with training with RTO partners and internal training platform – PNP Institute Pty Ltd.

PNP Institutes ensures your training and assessment activities are designed and developed in response to information obtained through engaging with your business, people and industry stakeholders.

Representatives have input into the:

  • Qualification, course or skill set that best meets the skill and knowledge needs of industry.
  • most relevant electives for the training
  • specific industry needs when developing and implementing strategies
  • skills and knowledge that trainers and assessors are required to hold
  • resources used for training and assessment.

Learning, Literacy and Numeracy considerations of students

Training and Assessment consultation is also linked to continuous improvement opportunities as industry engagement is an ongoing activity, this opportunity is realized through the requirement for student and staff feedback, assessment validation internally to the RTO and externally through our industry partners.