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We offer consultancy services to clients that are not actively engaged with us for ISO certifications. Such services include designing Management systems, internal auditing services, audit rectification and Non-Conformance close outs and improvement actions.

If your business struggles to mage your system or you would like to take the next step to develop and implement a full system for certification, and need some expert advice contact PNP and we will be able to assist and give you some valuable objective feedback form our experts.

ISO Implementation

If you are in the position of starting up a new company, you should consider setting up your business processes according to best business practices, or the ISO 9001:2015 Standards. This is the most efficient approach, as your company not only immediately reaps the benefits of an internal operational system, but also if required by a contract or tender, a company with a management system could gain a value proposition on such certification.

However, most businesses rely on their long-established business practices before they start their ISO implementation. Since a complete ISO system brings many benefits to a business, it’s always better to start the implementation sooner rather than later within a business life.

International Standards need a good understanding of their requirements and how to apply these to your business efficiently. PNP can assist you with understanding the ISO requirements and how to apply these towards compliance of your business. We can assist you through the journey of implementation of your system and certification.

What’s the process of developing and implementing a full Management System with PNP?

The MS development process contains six stages:


Initial Consultation


Gap Analysis


Development of Management System




Monitoring & Continual Improvement



The most critical part of system development and implementation is your commitment which directly links to Clause 5 of the standard – Leadership and commitment. Whether its commitment to resources, commitment to staff, commitment to training; if you/ management is not committed, the system including developing the system will not work, and there will be no buy-in from staff to follow and support.

There is no such thing asjust give me the system!

Although there may be some standardised policies and procedures on the market – these need to be customised to suit specifically your business to make it most efficient and effective.

PNP Group of Companies is one of the leading international QHSE Management System designers of ISO standards across multi-industry sectors.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing compliance  support to businesses. Whether you need help with maintenance of your management system, an independent review,  outsource your internal audits or assistance with closing out non-conformance and rectifications for your current certification body.

System Management & Support
Internal  & Surveillance Audits 
Non-Conformance Close-Outs 
WHS Support


We offer bespoke consultancy services that suit your business, whether one off support services or support on an ongoing  basis. Contact us for more information and options.


ISO and Auditor Training

ISO Training Courses designed for your business

We have developed courses that suit various industries.

Our Training Courses  can be re-designed for your business related to ISO, Compliance and auditing. Refer to our training overview for further information

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