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Our expanded range of solutions can assist a business with individual and tailored programs, which save time, money and increase your business deliverables and outcomes. We have a network of solution providers, which we partner with local and global expertise. Our Business Solutions packages form part of our change program and P.D.C.A (IDS) ™ supporting a cultural shift in business and people with solution-based options and competitive advantage by partnerships.

PNP Group has experience in contracting to small and large business for specific tasks or total solution support.  We work closely with business and Industry groups to help develop, implement and assist members to resolve problems. These projects have taken us before the Australian Federal Government on People and Apprenticeships, Wage Subsidies, Immigration and Project funding issues in the interest of business and industry.

As an organisation; we have been privileged to work with so many diverse people, industry groups, members and employees in developing solutions.  These journeys have taken our people around the world, from the Middle East to China, Greece, India, Germany, Turkey, South Africa and United Kingdom where we have observed and interacted with local businesses, industries and people.

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Reflecting on each of the project cases, if the businesses had acted sooner to identify problems that supported change then the high cost of a reactive solution vs a strategic solution would have been avoided.




“A sailboat captured as it moves in front of the sun on Santorini, Greece, casting an enormous shadow across the flat sea.”

However, we understand business can simulate sailing in open water without a compass.  Moreover, you could be sailing in circles that makes success feel miles away and you abandoning the ship. Change is difficult and sometimes complex and we support business owners and people in situations with our knowledge, advice, information and partnerships. In recent times, the Government introduced Business Improvement Grants with $20K funding for eligible businesses. Additionally, a program called “Safe harbouring” which supports and protects your business and directors in times of distress and desperation. Therefore, contact us to guide and support you so we can create success together.