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Our business coaches support you with our knowledge, experience, and understanding to implement change and quality practices for results.

Regardless of the coaching assignment for a local football team, running a business, providing improvement advice, and planning and support holistic and realistic outcomes. We look at ways things can be narrowed down to simple needs you require to start the journey and achieve your objectives, dreams and goals. We also help leaders determine where to spend your time, human capital, and in some cases money.

Initial (first) meeting: The reasons for the coaching are discussed, including the background, strengths/weaknesses, role/value/contribution to the business, expectations of the assignment, realistic objectives and willingness to being coached during this journey.



The Contracting Stage: We reach agreement on confidentiality, journey, desires and measurable outcomes. Each coaching session and engagement is very unique, and the contract will reflect actual specific millstones and tasks. Issues are often modified during the coaching process with feedback and changes as the need arises. Moreover, leaders will ensure employees communicate and provide information up the tree as required and on time.

Evaluation Phase: This phase allows the team to determine the gap between the current level and the desired level of performance.

Feedback and Action Plan (If required): This allows our coaches to revise all relevant data with the client (assessments tools, 360° surveys and interviews) and then creates an action plan.

Stop dreaming start doing! Creative motivation concept written in the sand at the beach.Coaching: Regularly scheduled, face-to-face and online sessions make up the Coaching stage. Depending on the work required, sessions are typically once or twice a month, over a 6 to 12 months period. Contingent upon schedules and location, supplementary communications by phone, go to Meeting, and email may occur. The coaching method and interactions, style and philosophies, and the chemistry between the coach and customers tend to vary with each assignment.

Evaluation & Closure: In this stage the coaches we will evaluate your accomplishments against agreed objectives and dreams.

Dreams come true if you’re prepared for the long hard journey.  It’s about the Journey; not the Destination.  If we take on the job, we believe in you and our question will always be asked. Do you believe in yourself and your ability to take the journey and succeed?

Few business coaches’ programs have had the opportunity to work with SME and re-structure numerous start-ups in diverse industries, built small businesses into big businesses, worked within a family business between directors and families and have experience working alongside business various cultures and countries in partnerships.

PNP experts have past business experience alongside years of professional mentoring, coaching and studies. We have helped guide sports people, and business people, who gave up school and being employees, to follow their entrepreneurial and sporting dreams. SME business owners who needed to take their business to the next level in addition to achieving balance in their life and have coached business leaders who needed clarity around their roles. Finally, we with our extended coaches bring extensive and broad personal experience gathered from a full, well-lived life.

It’s often hard to measure the results of such coaching in a purely analytical way. Metrics might be tough to develop but measuring success is not impossible. A coach for a reason; there is some issue, problem or weakness that needs to be overcome. Our customers will clarify what those issues are, and we set the goal and determine what success looks like taking small steps. In most cases, the owner or business leader achieves a positive professional or personal outcome from such coaching, and these benefits are felt across with great positive effect.