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The Audit Quality (ISO 9001) Management Systems is an International recognised qualification for registration with Exemplar Global and essential for International lead auditors.

Sharpen your auditing skills and further your career with our unrivalled range of auditing skills training courses. If you work with management systems we can take you to the peak of your profession – we’ve got all aspects of auditing covered from advanced skills to managing a programme, writing a report or approaching top management.  Specialist training courses are designed to give you specific tools relevant to your role.

Our after service auditing training you can take pride in careful planning and be confident using checklists to ensure your audit is robust and effective. Whether it’s quality, environmental, energy, information security or health and safety – you can learn to audit management systems internally or as a consultant. These can be adapted to your needs and delivered in house, online or through a public programme.

Moreover, we provide support and take you out for third parties accreditation certification audits as trainees for increasing your auditor registration levels.

Audit Quality (ISO 9001) Management Systems

Audit Quality (ISO 9001) Management Systems, comprising the 8 units. These are part of the overall Diploma and the implicit scope of the qualification packaging, so we do not need to apply for them individually.

Our ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course is delivered across 10 months and provides an overview of ISO , before delving into the practical auditing skills required to perform audits against quality management systems as either part of a team or an audit team leader. It also provides a comprehensive understanding of ISO 17021, 19011 and 9001:2015 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems.

This course includes units approved under our RTP “Registered Training Provider” Certificate which allows students when submitting an application to obtain auditor certification. Under our RTP you can use the course certificate and statement of attainment for competency towards units such as AU, TL etc

Recognition of prior learning will be awarded if they have been completed within the previous three years.

• Participate in a quality audit
• Initiate a quality audit
• Lead a quality audit
• Report on a quality audit
• Manage an information or knowledge management system

• Facilitate continuous improvement
•Manage project quality
•Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

Extra Learning specialised units

• Plan Building and Construction works
• Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace
• Apply legal requirements to building and construction projects
• Administer the legal obligations of a building or construction
• Conduct WHS Audits; or
• Identify & Interpret compliance requirements

Exemplar Global Certified RTP “Registered Training Provider” for auditor training courses