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Karalee, QLD

In the heart of Karalee, Ipswich – Western of Brisbane, Queensland, PNP Constructions undertook a transformative NDIS home modification project for a participant facing severe mobility challenges due to a health incident. The objective was to enhance accessibility, inclusivity, and ultimately, improve the participant’s quality of life.

The Requirement

The participant’s original bathroom layout, featuring separate toilet and shower spaces, posed significant hurdles for our participant’s mobility aid usage. Recognising the need for a comprehensive transformation, PNP Constructions embarked on a journey to create a more open and accessible environment in order to improve our participant’s daily life. The participant’s Occupational Therapist, upon completion of the initial assessment, recommended PNP Constructions for the complex home modifications, recognising the expertise needed, not only with the building works, but also with the complex design solutions required to modify the layout of the bathroom.

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The Design

PNP Constructions in-house design team got straight to work on this design, curating a bathroom that prioritised ample circulation space, by ensuring seamless access to the shower, vanity and toilet areas. This not only promotes independence through increased accessibility, but it also ensures the bathroom adheres to NDIS requirements and access standards.

While PNP Constructions works within the budget constraints of the NDIS to allow our participants to have the bathroom of their dreams, providing them with high-quality options for a bespoke finish, this participant, who we actively involved in the process, allocated personal funds for additional upgrades, including sophisticated gun metal fixtures, a concrete bath, striking feature tiles, a stylish wooden barn door, and convenient niches, thanks to our high-quality suppliers at Highgrove Bathrooms and NERO.
In the vanity area, the exquisite feature tiles and carefully crafted niche stand as captivating focal points, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. The beautiful feature tiles not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the functional charm of the space.

Additionally, the bathroom’s clean and modern tiles, sourced from Tile Power Gregory Hills, epitomise both style and safety. Notably, the floor tiles boast a P4 rating for slip resistance, providing an extra layer of security to ensure the client’s well-being. This meticulous attention to detail in tile selection further underscores PNP Constructions’ dedication to creating a space that seamlessly combines beauty and practicality in every aspect of the design.

A handheld shower head provided flexibility for the participant, allowing both self-washing and the indulgence of a wall-fixed rain shower. Privacy in the shower area was enhanced with the addition of fluted glass.

Recognizing the participant’s storage needs, a floor-mounted vanity was strategically chosen to maximize storage space, complemented by his and hers shaving cabinets. The design seamlessly merged practicality with aesthetic appeal, resulting in a truly bespoke and functional bathroom space.

The Result

The impact of PNP Constructions’ home modification on our participant was profound, with a notable increase in the participant’s ability to navigate and utilize essential bathroom amenities. Beyond the physical enhancements, the project significantly elevated the participant’s overall quality of life. The thoughtful design, coupled with the participant’s personal touches, transformed the space into a haven that not only meets practical needs but also provides a sense of comfort and style.

PNP Constructions’ commitment to excellence in both construction and design culminated in a project that transcended mere functionality. This home modification in Karalee stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship in fostering accessibility, inclusivity, and an improved quality of life for those facing mobility challenges.