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Unveiling Success: Recap of Our Inaugural Professional Development and Networking Event
In a world where continuous learning and networking are the cornerstones of professional growth, PNP Constructions proudly hosted its first-ever professional development and networking event. Sponsored by PNP Institute, the event provided an incredible platform for industry experts and enthusiasts to come together, learn, connect, and share their insights. This blog post takes you through the highlights of the event, featuring insightful presentations from distinguished guest speakers, a delightful cooking class, and the valuable takeaways for attendees.

Enlightening Presentations by Industry Experts

The event commenced with a series of enlightening presentations by industry leaders who shared their expertise and experiences. The speakers included Kim Johnstone, Andrew Sanderson, and Marcus Pavlakis, each of whom brought a unique perspective to the table.

1. Kim Johnstone: Enhancing Lives through Inclusive Living

Kim Johnstone, the Director of Inclusive Living, captivated the audience with her extensive knowledge and passion for inclusive design. With over 25 years of experience in health, aged care, and educational environments, Kim highlighted the importance of height-adjustable living systems and assistive technology. Her presentation focused on raising awareness and education about these systems, showcasing how they can significantly enhance people’s lives while fostering inclusivity within various sectors.

2. Andrew Sanderson: Pioneering Universal Design with CAPS Model

Andrew Sanderson, the Director and Access Consultant of Architecture and Access, introduced the audience to the revolutionary CAPS model of home modifications. This model, developed by his own team, emphasizes universal design principles to ensure that environments are accessible, inclusive, and safe for everyone. Andrew’s dynamic specialist advice ensures compliance with legislative requirements while aligning with the goals of universal design. His presentation provided attendees with valuable insights into transforming spaces to accommodate diverse abilities.

3. Marcus Pavlakis: Navigating Compliance in Home Modifications

Marcus Pavlakis, PNP Constructions, brought over 30 years of experience in Building and Compliance Management to the stage. Marcus delved into the intricacies of compliance with Australian standards, legislation, and regulations. His expertise highlighted the importance of adhering to these standards to ensure safe and functional home modifications for NDIS participants. Marcus emphasized the significance of compliance in building practices, reinforcing the commitment to quality and safety.

Interactive Cooking Class and Networking

Following the insightful presentations, attendees were treated to an interactive cooking class that added a touch of gastronomic delight to the event. Hosted by the talented chefs at Olivello, participants had the opportunity to craft their own gnocchi from scratch—a hands-on and memorable experience. The culinary journey continued as the chefs demonstrated how to prepare ricotta gnocchi, tantalizing taste buds with delectable flavours. The cooking class served as a perfect segue for attendees to network and engage with fellow professionals, forging connections that extend beyond the event.

Certificates, CPD Points, and Delicious Takeaways

As a gesture of appreciation and recognition for attending the event, all guests received Certificates of Participation from the Registered Training Organisation, PNP Institute. Additionally, attendees earned three continuing professional development (CPD) points—a crucial contribution towards occupational therapists and other health professionals’ CPD requirements. The event not only offered attendees the chance to gather knowledge and valuable insights but also allowed them to savour the fruits of their culinary labour, taking home portions of the delicious gnocchi they crafted.

Acknowledgments and Gratitude

PNP Constructions extended its heartfelt gratitude to all attendees who participated in this remarkable inaugural event. The company also expressed its appreciation to the esteemed guest speakers—Kim Johnstone, Andrew Sanderson, and Marcus Pavlakis—for generously sharing their time, expertise, and insights. The fact that one of our speakers even travelled from interstate underscores their commitment to advancing professional development and knowledge sharing within the industry.

The first-ever professional development and networking event by PNP Constructions and sponsored by PNP Institute was a resounding success. Through informative presentations, hands-on experiences, and valuable networking opportunities, attendees gained a deeper understanding of inclusive design, universal accessibility, and compliance in home modifications. As the event came to a close, participants left with not only enhanced knowledge and CPD points but also new connections and a taste of their culinary accomplishments. The event stands as a testament to the power of collective learning, collaboration, and the continuous pursuit of excellence in professional development.