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The Challenge

Towards the end of 2018, a Class 2 Type A residential unit complex in an interstate coastal area was damaged by a major storm event and subsequent fire event. Although the building has an idyllic water-front view, this unfortunate series of events removed sections of the roof and substructure, which damaged the surrounding properties as well. The outcome of these environmental events was that all 24 apartments in the building were deemed inhabitable and residents were displaced from their homes, leaving both tenants and owners in limbo while they awaited information and acceptance of the claim from their insurer.

The Solution

After getting nowhere with the insurers, the Strata Committee reached out to PNP Group in September 2020 for our guidance and support. Since PNP took over this claim, we recognised their urgency and made several in-person visits to the property to assess the damage and compile multiple reports highlighting the condition of the property from the viewpoint of our team of building experts.

PNP then collected a large volume of evidence to support our claim to the insurer. This included a chronology report documenting all events since the end of 2018 which was both accurate and notably detailed. The report catalogued our communications with the insurer, strata committee and combined knowledge of experts who provided their own insights and findings.

Through our investigations, PNP unveiled negligence by some of the contractors of the insurer. After putting them on notice, PNP removed the contractors for their unacceptable conduct that impacted the property and the owners, and insurer progress, negotiating the repairs and the claim.

PNP acted on behalf of the insured in all communications and held the insurer accountable to the General Insurance Code of Practice, as well as relevant legislation. We undertook various settlement conferences and eventually sought federal court action.
In December 2021, the insurer offered an amount which PNP determined would not cover the degree of damage and further, did not recognise the value of the property. Not only did the property deserve a much higher figure, but the insured did too.
Towards the end of September 2022, the insurer offered a higher settlement which the Strata Committee accepted.

“PNP Group’s highly experienced team led by Marcus Pavlakis helped save our investment under an insured event where we achieved our policy entitlements.”
Victor K. –
The Right Property Group


How PNP can help

Through PNP’s dedication to our clients, we were able to achieve the best solution for both the residents of the property and the Strata Committee. With PNP’s in-depth knowledge and network of lawyers and other related experts, we put together a strong case against the insurer. This is evident through our quantity surveying report which detailed the cost of damage per unit and enabled us to support our claim with facts.

With our industry-based knowledge, we were able to determine the condition of the property and recognise any incorrect or misleading information from the insurers reports. Ultimately, PNP reminded the insurer of their duty to their clients and as a result, the Strata Committee received the payout they deserved.

Now that our client has been rightfully remunerated, PNP are working on a full internal and external renovation of the property, making the units compliant with all required standards and bringing a sleek and modern design to this beautiful waterfront property.

This outcome not only provided closure for the insured after a years-long battle with the insurers, but also ensured that they received a compliant, updated and modern beach-side unit.


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