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The Challenge

In October 2021, PNP Group was contacted by a client’s occupational therapist for advisory support on their participant’s NDIS home modifications, required to accommodate their clinical needs, that was previously rejected by the NDIA.

PNP acts on behalf of our clients to represent not only their needs, but their fundamental rights.

The Solution

PNP Group conducted a property analysis of the participant’s home to determine the most suitable design solution that would create an inclusive space for the participant and their family. Working in conjunction with our experts allows us to be fully aware of all NDIS requirements and long-term factors related to the participant and their disability, in order to get the most beneficial outcome for them and meet the NDIS requirements.

PNP then collected a large volume of evidence to support our claim to the insurer. This included a chronology report documenting all events since the end of 2018 which was both accurate and notably detailed. The report catalogued our communications with the insurer, strata committee and combined knowledge of experts who provided their own insights and findings.

 We recognise that submitting any application to the NDIS can be emotionally challenging, particularly when the outcome fails to accommodate the participant’s needs. As a result, PNP Group conducted an analysis report to document all factors involved in the case. This included the financial requirements for the proposed home modification design along with the original scope of works approved by NDIS from the client’s previous home which PNP Group argued was still relevant for their current home. In addition, we provided drawings from our in-house designers along with justifications behind the design and required costs. Such factors were argued as evidence to the benefit of our design which the participant and their family would significantly rely on.

Through a detailed building report provided by our PNP team, we were able to provide insight and advisory support, allowing the participant to reapply under the NDIS for the approval of their home modification. In accordance with NDIS and Australian Standards, PNP’s recommendations and design solutions allowed the participant’s NCAT application to be reviewed by the NDIA lawyers and accepted.

The Design

Throughout the approval stage, PNP Group had close contact with the participant, their caregiver, and their occupational therapist, along with the NDIA and other relevant parties to ensure that all developments in the case were communicated transparently to allow a quick response.

Ultimately, the client and their caregiver were let down by the scheme that was designed to support, protect and provide for them. Being granted approval by NDIS can be confusing and challenging, so PNP Group works to support our participants and represent them through our knowledge and compassion.

“We couldn’t be happier with this great outcome! We are looking forward to working with PNP to create our new bathroom.”

Our team is able to inform our clients of all NDIS requirements and propose home modification design solutions which align to these criteria and the individual needs of our clients. PNP Group has both the team and resources to provide a high-quality service which limits the emotional challenge and time-consuming factors involved in NDIS applications.

At PNP Group, we are committed to our clients by providing them with practical and design-orientated solutions. This is particularly important when home modifications are required to accommodate their clinical needs due to the number of factors involved.


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