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Innovative and Bespoke NDIS Design Solution

Our home is a very personal space which should importantly align with our preferences and lifestyle requirements, particularly if one or more members of the household have special needs. This was the case for Khye and his mum, Alison, as their home did not have a practical layout to accommodate Khye’s medical condition. At PNP Group, we believe that every client has the right for their home to be both practical and increase quality of life. As leading home modifications NDIS providers, we tailor all home modifications based on individual needs and goals.



The Case

Due to Khye’s high support needs, Alison is his primary caregiver, however, the inadequate layout of their home made this challenging for her own physical health due to their daily routine of lifting Khye into the bath or bed. Although these could have been made simple, the former layout of Alison and Khye’s home made this basic need turn into a daily challenge. As such, Alison had to see a physician and their situation became a matter of urgency.

After contacting numerous companies who could support Alison and Khye in improving this layout, PNP Group recognised their urgency and was the first to respond. Marcus from PNP Group shortly made a home visit in order to determine what changes Alison and Khye needed to enhance their quality of life. While NDIS declined several details of Alison’s application, being experienced home modifications NDIS providers, PNP Group were determined to ensure that Khye would be provided with all the necessary support technology he requires by innovating their designs and thinking outside of the square.

The Solution

At PNP Group, we recognise that our clients require not only their practical needs to be met but also a design which aligns with their preferences and personal style. For Alison and Khye, this was achieved through PNP Group’s in-house design team who provided a bespoke design solution for Khye’s special needs.

Although Alison was suffering from significant physical pain due to lifting Khye into the bath, the NDIS approved scope was not capable of relieving her of this daily challenge. PNP Group recognised a lack of long-term vision from this solution and made it a priority to formulate a more practical and client-focused design solution.

Khye required a lifting apparatus which could be manually moved around the household, however, the former bathroom layout did not accommodate this medical need. Using high-end technology and innovative solutions, PNP Group used a raised claw bath in the bathroom, where the height and stability allowed Alison to use the lifting apparatus to place Khye in the bath safely. This design will further reduce the potential for future injury and as such, was determined to be the most efficient solution.

“A great outcome for Khye and his parents… this has gone above and beyond.” Jarrod Scott – Khye’s Occupational Therapist

PNP Group’s bespoke designs are accompanied by high quality materials from Highgrove Bathrooms to make sure that the bath was practical yet had a stylish design. This is due to PNP Group’s belief that our clients have the right for choice in order for a home to maintain its personal style while being practical for members with special needs. According to Alison, their home has not only maintained its former style but has further been enhanced by the stylish finishing and details of PNP Group’s design. PNP Group teamed up with YDL Stone and Tile Power Gregory Hills for these final touches which proves that a practical home for those with special needs can still be style-focused and align with the client’s personal preference. PNP Group’s interior design team used final touches to show that bathrooms suited to care needs can still be elegant, stylish and align with the family’s personal style.

A key addition to PNP Group’s design was transforming spare resources into an item not approved in the original design scope by the NDIS. Through PNP Group’s effective time-management, Khye was provided with suitable cabinets for his clothing as yet another design feature. As such, PNP Group further demonstrates that through our team of innovative thinkers, we are able to provide real-time solutions and outcomes to even the most challenging Home Modification Projects, through our extensive knowledge working as home modifications ndis providers.

How PNP Can Help

At PNP Group, we are committed to our clients by providing them with practical yet design-orientated solutions. This is particularly important when improving residents’ homes to accommodate for special needs as there are many factors involved. Not only are we considerate of every client’s personal budget, but we recognise the emotions that our clients go through during these home modifications. PNP Group combines our knowledge, resources and understanding for our clients, with quality at the forefront of our actions.

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