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SSS Group Holdings is a group of businesses working within the building and construction industry, specialising in scaffolding. The group approached PNP for assistance in achieving ISO certification for the 9001, 14001 and 45001 Management System standards.

As the Group Holdings works across multiple divisions each with their own unique risks, it was essential to senior management that auditors had business and industry experience. The PNP auditors have extensive knowledge of each individual framework and the standards required to demonstrate conformity.

The Process

SSS Group Holdings approached PNP Group for an audit to determine organisational readiness for ISO certification. SSS Group Holdings wanted to ensure that they were ready to undertake the audit by improving structure and efficiency of their processes.

Through the audit review and reports the following was achieved:

  • Key areas to improve overall business efficiency
  • Performance could be adjusted for improvement based on the framework
  • Re-configuring areas that were performing poorly to mitigate risk and maximise efficiency
  • Required improvements to obtain ISO Management System certification

PNP SSS Group Holdings- Iso Certification

Client’s Experience

SSS Group Holdings noted that the information contained in the Gap Analysis reports provide by PNP was informative and easy to comprehend. The auditors ensured that the team was comfortable and relaxed during the process.  It was also important to PNP that all reported observations and evidence within the framework was of the greatest benefit to clients

The client mentioned that under our Co-Founder Marcus Pavlakis’s direction the SSS team were able to provide information within a specific timeframe. Through deliverable objectives, it was ensured that certification was delivered within the timeframes.

All information and reporting were fuelled by expertise across all three ISO Management System frameworks, and extensive knowledge of the building and construction industry. Senior management relayed that recommendations from other professionals about their experience working with PNP, was the deciding reason the company was chosen for certification.

The SSS Group Holdings Team were able to effectively breakdown the implementation requirements to management, in order to be achieve certification within their timelines. After the auditing process and rectifying gaps identified in auditing analysis. the client saw vast improvements in processes, culture, and efficiency, resulting in a balanced and streamlined business that works efficiently and balances risk.

“Eva, Marcus and the team have been a great support during our audit for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. The process from start to end is very detailed they’re across everything! The gap analysis allowed us to find key gaps in our business that in exchange helped with winning tenders and improving our customer service. And that’s just some of the benefits. Highly recommend any organisation to go through an audit with PNP to ensure they are on track with meeting legislation and keeping ahead of the curve.”- Juleen, SSS-AUS Group

2nd Year of Certification

SSS Group Holdings are now into their second year of ISO certification with visible changes across brand perception and the business framework. The organisation says that through the certification they have noted exponential growth and an increase in job opportunities.

Through conducting frequent audits, the organisation has experienced positive client feedback with increases to the level rigour, investigation, and knowledge. ISO certification has led to further jobs from developers, with increased client comfort and satisfaction after ISO certification was achieved.

How PNP Can Help

Our PNP auditors are specialists in helping organisations achieve Management System ISO certification without unnecessary delay and hassle, with our flexible assessments and outstanding support.

Get in touch to see how our team of experts can help you today.