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Why a Company should implement an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

ISO 9001 Certification is aimed at developing a core set of values surrounding quality management practices. Once practices are implemented in a business that comply with the defined standards certification can be obtained. The 9001 certification is a confirmation to your business that operational systems in place are effective and meet the standards needed for compliance.  The framework is globally recognised by the International Organisation for Standardisation, as a benchmark standard that your business upholds the highest quality management standards. Certification is an independent assessment that affirms implemented processes allow the organisation to increase control and effectively mitigate risk.

Benefits of ISO Certification

Implementing the ISO 9001 framework into your business allows your organisation to be able to better achieve business goals and outcomes. The framework is generic, and principles can be adjusted depending on individual business circumstances. Implementation will lead to cost savings, with an overall emphasis placed on increased productivity levels, decreased operational waste land monetary savings through continual improvement measures. With the certification being internationally recognised, your brand value will increase to stakeholders and customers with the potential for your customer base to expand.

Business processes will be improved as management are better supported and resource availability becomes more efficient. With clear workplace practices apparent there will be an increase in workplace safety with higher efficiency and less rework.

“Working with the team at PNP Group was an extremely pleasant experience, as a very fast paced building company finding time to undertake audits and inspections can be difficult, however the team at PNP Group made the process extremely simple and fast. I would recommend anyone to PNP who needs ISO Certification.”- Ben, Rogers Construction Group

Steps to Achieving Certification

  1. Complete a business enquiry with the PNP Group. This questionnaire will help the team understand more about your company with questions relating to management standards, staff size and current site operations allowing our team an overview of your business.
  2. Fee Proposal, Certification Terms and Conditions Documents will be provided to your business. PNP will provide a customised fee proposal inclusive: of audit days, certification cycle and costing. The audit days are decided based on the size of the organisation, site location, services provided and number of employees.
  3. Optional- GAP Analysis is conducted. For any organisation that is unsure of business readiness additional support is available with a GAP analysis. Businesses, through our independent audit consultants, may conduct a gap analysis against the basic requirement of the standard. This analysis is optional and can be conducted at any time.
  4. Stage 1 Audit (Pre-Registration Assessment)- is a high-level assessment of the organisation’s documentation, comparing this against the standard and site-specific requirements. This assessment determines organisational readiness for the certification assessment.
  5. Stage 2 Audit (Registration Assessment)- an in-depth audit assessing organisational compliance against the 9001 standards and framework. The audit must be completed within 6 months of the Stage 1 Assessment. After the audit’s completion and no major non compliances identified, the auditor will recommend your organisation for certification. The Certification Authority Body (CAB) will conduct a further review of the audit report and issue a certificate for your organisation.
  6. Certification issued: a soft and hard copy of your certificate will be provided to demonstrate compliance. Certification status will be published on the JAS—ANZ register which will be accessible to clients and other third parties. From the date issued, your certificate will be valid for a 3-year period from registration, subject to satisfactory surveillance assessments. “

“Eva and Marcus have been a great support during our audit for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. The process from start to end is very detailed, they’re across everything! The gap analysis allowed us to find key gaps in our business that in exchange helped with winning tenders and improving our customer service. And that’s just some of the benefits. Highly recommend any organisation to go through an audit with PNP to ensure they are on track with meeting legislation and keeping ahead of the curve.”- Juleen, SSS-AUS Group

Our PNP auditors are specialists in helping organisations achieve Management System ISO certification without unnecessary delay and hassle, with our flexible assessments and outstanding support. Get in touch to see how our team of experts can help you today.