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Thi (85) and her family had to move properties due to their personal circumstances. Unfortunately the new property was not entirely suitable for Thi’s mobility access and care needs. Especially the bathroom and flooring created a hazard for her and needed modification works done to ensure care needs could be provided for her.

This did not have enough accumulated funds in her care package for these unforeseen but much needed modification works. PNP, together with her care provider worked out a suitable solution including a payment plan financed by PNP’s inhouse finance so that the works could be completed prior to moving in.

The bathroom has undergone a complete upgrade, including removal of bath tub and installation of a flat level walk in shower including handrails for Thi.’s safety. Moreover, the team repainted the  bathroom and located the door into an external sliding unit maximum width.

bathroom renovation before (l) and after (r) – removal of bath and shower installation

The Kitchen, living area and Thi bedroom needed an urgent floor repair, as the current condition and uneven surface created slip and trip hazards for mobility, and made it difficult around the lower level of the house in her wheelchair.  The team repainted the kitchen and bedroom and provided Thi with new floor.  The renovations was completed in five days.

Kitchen floor repairs before (l) and after (r) – new floor installation


From modification building designs, to collaborating with the care providers, in-house finance options and managing the works – with PNP’s HandiCare Tradies mange the complete process so you get the job done and there is less stress for you.