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If you’re a small business and on the journey of growth, and don’t require a fully Certified Management System at the moment, we strongly recommend to implement a Management System at the early stage and proceed with a 2nd party Validation of your Management System. This will give your Clients assurance of commitment to Quality and of compliance with the standards.

The benefit of a 2nd party verification is, you can demonstrate compliance without the formalities that a full certification requires. It enables you to continually develop and improve processes and allows you to provide validation to clients or tenders that you do have a system in place. Many companies require businesses (their suppliers) to undergo compliance and undergo a supplier audit. With 2nd party validation, you save time in preparing documents and PNP can assist you with that.

As your business grows, and you feel comfortable with the processes, we recommend you take the next step in certifying your business.
PNP can assist you with the registration application and certification process through our Partner Certification Accreditation Body BSCIC.

Verification or 2nd Party Validations is offered as a step towards full ISO9001  verification, yet there are no time limits or conditions before full ISO9001 certification needs to be obtained. ISO9001 (and similarly partial ISO9001 certification) is often used as a supply management tool, where purchasers seek to have confidence in their supplier or potential supplier’s ability to deliver quality

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